8 New OTT Releases To Watch This Weekend

Fool Me Once (January 1) Maya discovers her supposedly dead husband alive on camera, sparking a complex investigation linking to her family's past.

Delicious in Dungeon (January 4) Anime "Delicious in Dungeon" by Studio Trigger: After losing supplies in a dungeon, Laios and team cook monsters for survival, leading to unique adventures.

Society of the Snow (January 4) "Society of the Snow: A gripping survival thriller based on the true ordeal of the Uruguayan plane crash survivors in the Andes. Spain's 2024 Oscars entry."

The Brothers Sun (January 4) Black comedy action: Brothers Charles & Bruce Sun, sons of a Taiwanese triad leader, navigate crime & family secrets after their father is shot.

Foe (January 5) Foe: Sci-fi thriller by Garth Davis. Married couple's life changes when husband's sent to space, leaving wife with a robot. Based on Iain Reid's book.

Good Grief (January 5) Heartfelt drama follows Marc after his husband's death, embarking on a journey with friends in Paris, exploring identity and relationships. Directed by Daniel Levy.

Solo Leveling (January 6) South Korean anime follows Sung Jinwoo, weak hunter chosen by System after surviving dangerous dungeon, leveling up, fighting enemies, uncovering secrets.

Hi Nanna (January 4) Single dad Viraj, a photographer, finally shares wife's story with daughter Mahi, sparking emotions as Varsha enters their lives.