8 Outdoor Workouts in Winters

Explore icy pathways and enjoy the cold air while getting a full-body workout from the different terrain.

Winter Hiking:

Cross-country skiing allows you to glide across wintry landscapes while getting terrific aerobic exercise for both your upper and lower body.

Cross-country skiing:

Visit a local rink or frozen pond for a fun and effective method to train leg muscles and improve balance.

Ice skating:

Put on snowshoes and journey over snow-covered terrain, mixing cardio and strength training for a total-body workout.


Dress warmly and hit the street or trails for a pleasant winter run, savouring the distinct feeling of cold-weather running.

Winter running:

Climb back up the hill after each fun sledge ride to burn calories.


Organise or attend a winter boot camp at a nearby park, which combines cardio and strength workouts in a group setting.

Outdoor Bootcamp:

Replace your usual bike with a fat-tyre bike and ride across icy terrain, testing your balance and leg strength.

Winter cycling: