8 Things You Should Never Eat at a Buffet

Undercooked Meats:

Avoid fresh or undercooked meats, including rare sirloin and sushi, to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

Unlabeled Seafood Dishes:

Avoid fish meals without labels indicating their cooking method and freshness to prevent illness.

Mayonnaise-Based Salads:

Mayonnaise-based salads, such as coleslaw or potato salad, spoil rapidly when left out at room temperature. If you're not sure if they're fresh, it's better to skip them.

Overly Spicy Foods:

Some people may have stomach problems after eating spicy foods. If hot foods bother you, be careful and pick foods that aren't as spicy.

Reheated Foods:

Food at buffets can sometimes sit out for a while and be reheated. Foods that have been cooked again can harbor germs.

Uncovered Food Trays:

Food trays left out in the open may become contaminated, so it is best to avoid them. Covered dishes help keep food safe from bugs, dust, and other things that could make it dirty.

Dishes Sitting at Room Temperature:

Foods that should be hot or cold shouldn't be left out at room temperature for a long time. Foods on a buffet should be heated or cooled just right to stop germs from growing.

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