9 Essential Waxing Tips for the Colder Months

Stay hydrated: During the cold, dry months, drinking enough water can help keep your face healthy and moist.

Ditch your razor: It's just as important to not shave between waxing sessions in the winter as it is in the summer. The hair root gets weaker over time when you wax, which makes it easier to get rid of hair. That being said, shaving goes against this goal.

Exfoliate your skin often: To get the best results from waxing, you need to exfoliate your skin often. A light scrub will not only get rid of dead skin, but it will also help keep you from getting ingrown hairs after waxing.

Moisturize: Another important thing to do is to keep your skin moisturized. This will keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Focus on hair length rather than time: During the summer, hair grows more rapidly due to the humidity and heat that maintain capillary accessibility and stimulate hair development. "The pores constrict, which slows down the effect of hair growth," which means you may need to wait longer than normal between waxings when it's cold outside.

Plan around vacations: If you want to take a trip in the winter, make your shaving appointment a few days before you leave. Giving your skin time to heal after getting waxed will prevent irritation while you're away.

Always put on SPF. The sun can hurt your face even when it's cold outside. So don't forget to put on sunscreen before going outside.