Aaron Rodgers appeared on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ the day after his ESPN ban

One day after the host said that Aaron Rodgers would not be on "The Pat McAfee Show" again this NFL season, Rodgers showed up on the show out of the blue. 

Rodgers came back to talk about what was going on in the NFL, like Nick Saban's retirement and Bill Belichick's leaving the New England Patriots. 

Rodgers' recent words about Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein caused a stir on the show. 

They were reported across the country after Kimmel reacted to Rodgers' suggestion that he was involved with the convicted sex criminal.

When asked about the backlash from Rodgers' words about Kimmel, McAfee said that the event gave people who don't like the show more reasons to dislike it.

 "And over the last week, we have certainly given them all a lot of stuff to get mad about and become loud about," he stated. "We’ve messed up in that particular aspect" .

Rodgers's showing on the show has made people wonder about his alleged ESPN ban. However, ESPN has not made a public statement about the situation.