Banned Food Items From Around The World

Fugu  This deadly pufferfish contains lethal toxins, making its preparation strictly regulated in Japan. One wrong cut can be fatal.

Haggis  This Scottish delicacy containing sheep's offal is banned in the US due to regulations against using lungs in food.

Kinder Surprise The small toy inside this chocolate egg poses a choking hazard, leading to its ban in the US.

Absinthe  Known for its high alcohol content and psychoactive properties, absinthe was banned in the US until 2007.

Sassafras Oil  Banned due to its carcinogenic properties, this oil was once used to flavor root beer and other beverages.

Horse Meat  While consumed in many countries, the slaughter of horses for meat is banned in the US due to cultural and ethical reasons.

Ackee Fruit Unripe ackee contains toxins that can cause vomiting and even death, leading to its ban in the US.

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