Beautiful Floral Hanging Plants For Your Home

Spider Plant Known for its air-purifying properties, the spider plant features long, arching leaves with white stripes. It produces small white flowers that bloom intermittently.

String of Pearls   This unique succulent has trailing stems adorned with small, spherical leaves resembling pearls. It produces small, white, star-shaped flowers that add to its charm.

English Ivy With its cascading foliage, English ivy is a classic choice for hanging baskets. It features small, lobed leaves and can produce inconspicuous flowers that attract pollinators.

Lipstick Plant  The lipstick plant is prized for its vibrant red tubular flowers that emerge from dark green foliage. It adds a splash of color and tropical flair to any indoor space.

Heartleaf Philodendron This popular trailing plant has heart-shaped leaves that cascade gracefully from hanging baskets.

Boston Fern  With its arching fronds and delicate texture, the Boston fern is a classic choice for hanging planters.

Wandering Jew This eye-catching plant features vibrant purple and green foliage that trails elegantly from hanging baskets.

Peace Lily While not typically grown as a hanging plant, the peace lily can adapt well to hanging baskets.