Best Food Cities in the USA

New Orleans, Louisiana:  Look at the city's Creole and Cajun flavors, as well as its long history of food and how it has shaped American cuisine, through the lens of variety.

New York City, New York:  Explore the city's different boroughs while looking at the social and business changes in the food industry and how the city affects food trends around the world.

San Francisco, California:  Learn about the city's farm-to-table movement, environmentally friendly methods, and how they've changed the food culture as a whole.

Charleston, South Carolina:  Discover the Southern charm of Charleston's food scene and learn about the city's history with estate farming and how its food culture has changed over time.

Chicago, Illinois:  Visit the city in the middle of the Midwest and learn about how it has changed American food culture, from its famous deep-dish pizza to its many food areas.

Portland, Oregon:  Look into the city's farm-to-fork philosophy, including how it promotes local and environmentally friendly food choices, as well as how it has affected the larger movement for food sustainability.

Austin, Texas:  Learn about Austin's diverse food culture by looking at the city's lively food truck scene, its mix of Tex-Mex tastes, and how food has shaped Austin's identity as a cultural hub.