Best Hindi Comedy Movies of All Times

This is a classic Bollywood comedy movie about identical twins Seeta and Geeta who get separated at birth and grow up to have different attitudes and temperaments.

A smart professor who pretends to be a silly chauffeur just to have some fun with his family. It's a story that will make you laugh till your sides hurt, and it's a great reminder that sometimes, pretending to be someone else can lead to the most hilarious situations.

Three friends who accidentally get caught in a series of silly situations while trying to make some quick money. It's a story that will keep you giggling as you watch their funny struggles and unexpected friendships unfold.

It's a hilarious story that follows two friends who think they can handle having multiple girlfriends at the same time. But things don't go as planned, and the result is a whole lot of funny chaos. 

It's a story about identical twins who get separated at birth. One grows up in the city, while other in the countryside. When they finally meet, you can imagine the hilarious mix-ups and adventures that follow. It's a movie full of laughs, action, and a whole lot of twin-related fun!

It's a hilarious story about three friends who find themselves in different kinds of romantic troubles. From misunderstandings to humorous situations, you'll watch their love lives unfold in the most relatable and amusing ways.

A thought-provoking and funny story about a man who decides to take on the gods themselves. With humor and heart, this movie explores faith, society, and the unexpected twists that come when one man stands up for what he believes in.

When Sonu suspects that his best friend Titu's new girlfriend might not be what she seems, he's on a mission to protect his friend from heartbreak. But things take a comedic turn as the battle between friendship and love heats up.

This hilarious story follows a man who has an unusual talent – he can talk in a woman's voice flawlessly. Using his talent, he gets a job at a call center where he pretends to be 'Pooja' and captures the hearts of men.