Inspirational and Motivational Hindi Movies

Mother India

It shows the journey of a mother through hardships in life-fighting against misogynists and extreme poverty. However, she rose as an independent woman with new ideals and standards to do the right thing.

Mera Naam Joker

The film shows us the journey of a clown, Raju from his childhood to his last performance as a Joker. His teacher makes him realize his dream, he wanted to make the world laugh despite his sadness.

Purab Aur Paschim

In this motivational Hindi movie, Years after Independence, a freedom fighter’s son, Bharat goes to London for further studies. Bharat is shocked to see the mindset of Indians in Britain.


The movie shows a dying patient choosing to make people around him happy and to not limit himself just because he is sick. Anand’s character is an inspiration and shows how precious life is.

Salaam Bombay!

This movie is a portrayal of the plight of the children on the streets of Bombay. The characters show that there is a universal desire of hunger and how taken-for-granted the fortunate take it.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

The movie has deep thematic plots of friendship, relationships, family, motivations, and sports. It is a classic movie you need to watch.

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