K Dramas That Will Make You Want to Go Back to High School

"Boys Over Flowers" is a classic South Korean high school drama centered on a courageous girl navigating the glamorous yet challenging world of four wealthy and charismatic boys. Love, friendship, and conflicts unfold amidst breathtaking settings and emotional twists.

"Dream High" follows the inspiring journey of aspiring young artists at a performing arts high school. This South Korean drama weaves music, friendship, and dreams, showcasing their struggles and growth as they chase success and love in the competitive entertainment industry.

"Who Are You: School" is a gripping South Korean drama that delves into the lives of high school students, exploring their personal struggles, relationships, and aspirations. With a mix of mystery and heartfelt moments, the series captures the challenges and growth of its diverse characters in a school setting.

"Sassy Go Go" (also known as "Cheer Up!") is a vibrant South Korean drama that revolves around a high school cheerleading club. The series portrays the students' journey of personal growth, friendship, and overcoming challenges as they join forces to lift spirits and conquer both academic and emotional hurdles.

"Heartstrings" is a melodious South Korean drama that harmonizes music and romance. Set in a performing arts university, it narrates the love story between a traditional music student and a modern music student, as they find themselves entwined in sweet melodies, personal aspirations, and youthful emotions.

"Heirs" depicts the lives of wealthy high school students navigating family dynamics, friendships, and romance. A captivating blend of opulence and personal struggles, the series follows the intertwined fates of these young individuals as they learn about love, responsibilities, and their own identities.

"Live On" is a South Korean drama that follows the story of a high school student who joins a live streaming club in an attempt to uncover a mysterious user. As she becomes involved in the world of online broadcasting, the series explores themes of identity, friendships, and personal growth in the digital age.

"Sky Castle" unveils the cutthroat world of affluent families obsessed with their children's academic success. Set in an exclusive neighborhood, it exposes the sacrifices, pressures, and dark secrets beneath their pursuit of excellence.

"Sweet Revenge" chronicles a student's supernatural journey to confront her bullies. Armed with time-travel abilities, she imparts life lessons while seeking justice, offering a unique perspective on redemption and growth.

"Extraordinary You" unveils a high school student's awakening to her existence in a comic world. As she challenges her predetermined narrative, she unravels love, identity, and agency, crafting her unique story.

"Love Alarm" centers on a futuristic dating app that notifies users when someone nearby likes them. Amidst romantic turmoil, three friends navigate emotions, technology, and their intertwined relationships, exploring love's complexities.

"Moment at Eighteen" portrays the challenges of high school life, friendships, and first love. Amidst personal struggles, students grow and find solace in one another, forming a poignant coming-of-age narrative.

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