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Acclaimed to be one of the best films of that decade, this 2008 film is a sequel to Batman Begins, released in 2005.

This clever 2010 movie introduces a hardly thought-of concept: penetrating someone’s dreams to extract information!

The Kins family infiltrate the household of the Parks and soon tend to lead a parasitic existence while pretending to be highly qualified.

This intense suspense thriller, is inspired by real-life characters. It easily ranks amongst the most critically appreciated and best thriller movies.

It revolves around the friendship, which then turns into a bitter rivalry, between two men who are magicians

This spell-binding movie talks about one of the hardly discussed themes in our society: consent

A dark and gripping movie that revolves around the lives of a mother-son duo who have spent a good portion of their lives in captivity.

Adapted from a 2008 novel called Calling Sehmat, the story is based on true events that happened in the period before the Indo-Pak war of 1971.

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