Guess the Flick: Bollywood's Best for Dumb Charades

Guess the Flick: Bollywood's Best for Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades' not just a game; it’s a real test of your acting skills and teamwork!.It’s not about just any movie; it’s about finding the ones that make players laugh, think, and maybe even scratch their heads a bit.

Lalli Ki Shadi Mai Laddu Deewana

The title is quite long, with multiple words. When you don't know much about the movie's story, it can be tough to act out tricky or complicated stuff from the film.

Kaashi In the Search Of Ganga

The names Kaashi and Ganga is the main element that needs to be perfectly acted out.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

The title has several words, making it challenging to act out each word distinctly within the limited time frame of the game.


Unlike well-known movies, where players might recognize key characters or scenes, "Tribhanga" might not offer those familiar visual cues. Nor is the word Tribhanga commonly known.

Naanu ki Jaanu

Naanu ki Jaanu is one of the most uncommon movie titles. Playing this movie in a dumb Charades game can be a funny and exciting experience.

The Legend of Michael Mishra

The Legend of Michael Mishra" is an unusual and unfamiliar title, making it difficult for players to guess accurately, especially if they are not familiar with the film.

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