Clubs With Most FA Cup Titles

Arsenal FC Arsenal holds the record for the most FA Cup titles, with 14 victories. The Gunners' rich history in the competition dates back to their first win in 1930.

Manchester United FC  Manchester United boasts 12 FA Cup victories, showcasing their dominance in English football over the years.

Chelsea FC Chelsea has secured the FA Cup title on 8 occasions, solidifying their position as one of England's top football clubs.

Tottenham Hotspur FC Tottenham Hotspur has clinched the FA Cup 8 times, contributing to their storied legacy in English football.

Liverpool FC Liverpool has won the FA Cup 7 times, adding to their extensive list of achievements in domestic and international competitions.

Aston Villa FC Aston Villa has lifted the FA Cup trophy 7 times, reflecting their historical significance in English football.

Newcastle United FC Newcastle United has triumphed in the FA Cup 6 times, showcasing their strong presence in English football history.

Manchester City FC Manchester City has claimed the FA Cup title 6 times, further establishing their status as a formidable force in English football.