Cowboy LB Micah Parsons: 'He could take me with him, you never know'

Recently, Cowboys LB Micah Parsons talked about the chance that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn would leave the team. Quinn's leaving bothers Parsons, but he knows it's part of the NFL. Parsons even made a joke that Quinn might take him with him if he left. 

Since the Cowboys picked him up in the 2021 draft, Parsons has been one of their best players. He has been chosen for three Pro Bowls and is seen as one of the best players in the NFL by many.

Quinn has been very important to Parsons' success, and he has built a bond with the young defender that goes beyond teacher and player. 

Quinn is being considered for a number of head coaching jobs around the league at the same time that Parsons made his statements. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network Insider says that Quinn is a candidate to take over as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks from Pete Carroll. 

 The Carolina Panthers, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Tennessee Titans, and the Washington Commanders have also asked to talk to him. And even though Parsons hopes Quinn will stay with the Cowboys, he knows that coaches and players come and go in the game.

If Quinn does leave, Parsons will still be a strong player, but he will miss having Quinn as a coach and guide.  Finally, Micah Parsons's statements about Dan Quinn's future with the Cowboys have made people wonder what the defensive coordinator will do next.

Still, Parsons knows that the NFL is a business and that coaches and players come and go. He hopes that Quinn will stay with the team. Parsons will always be a great player for the Cowboys and a fan favorite, no matter what happens.