Easy Cookie Recipes For Kids

Have a fun time making cookies with your kids. These simple recipes look like they will be fun to make and taste great


a little salt, butter, vanilla extract, egg, flour, and sugar. Simple things from your pantry will help you make the beauty of a cookie!

 Mixing Magic

Carefully mix all of the ingredients in a bowl. Let the kids be in charge! Mix, laugh, and make a symphony out of cookie dough.


 Use fun cookie shapes or roll the dough into balls. The little ones are busy shaping the dough into cute shapes.


Put the cookies in the oven. There is a smell of excitement in the air. Watch as the dough turns into golden treats.


Be patient, little ones! Wait for the cookies to cool down. Now, let your imagination run wild with bright icing, sprinkles, and tasty fun.

The big reveal! Tasting the first mouthful is like winning a soft-chewy game. Everyone is happily snacking in the kitchen.

Show off your work to loved ones. These humble cookies are more than simply a snack; they are a delicious way to show your affection!