Exciting New Ways to Rock a French Manicure

Colorful Tips: Instead of the usual white tips, try using tips of different colors. To make something look more modern, you can use pastels, neons, metallics, or even black.

Reverse French; switch the placement of the colors. To make an inverted French manicure, paint the base of your nails with a classic nude or sheer polish, and then paint the tips with a different color.

Graphic Tips: Change the tips' sizes and patterns to make them more interesting. It can be lines, dots, circles, or even flowers to make it look different.

Glitter or Metallic Tips: To give your French manicure a little extra sparkle, use glitter paint or metallic shades for the tips. This will make them look more elegant and catchy.

Negative Space French: To make a negative space effect, leave some of your nails bare. You can move the French tip around or leave the nail blank in the middle for a more modern look.

Textured Tips: Try different finishes for the tips, such as matte, shiny, or even plush, to make them stand out from the base color.

Gradient French: Mix two colors that go well together to make the tips look ombre, with a softer, more smooth shift.