Flowers That Represent Jealousy   

Hyacinth In some cultures, the hyacinth flower may be associated with jealousy, particularly the yellow variety.

Lavender Heather Lavender heather might be perceived as a symbol of admiration, but in some contexts, it is linked to feelings of jealousy.

Celandine The celandine flower, with its bright yellow petals, could be interpreted as a symbol of envy or jealousy.

Yellow Carnation While carnations often represent love and fascination, yellow carnations could be misconstrued as a symbol of jealousy.

Marigold In certain cultures, marigolds might be associated with jealousy or rivalry, particularly due to their vibrant color.

Hellebore Some interpretations link hellebores, especially dark-colored varieties, to envy or jealousy.

Yellow Roses Although roses are generally associated with positive emotions, yellow roses may be misinterpreted as a sign of jealousy.

Begonia In specific contexts, begonias, especially yellow ones, might be associated with jealousy or resentment.