Foods To Avoid Before Your Gym Session

Fried or Greasy Foods These can sit heavy in your stomach and may cause discomfort during exercise.

Spicy Foods Spicy foods can cause heartburn or indigestion, especially during activities that involve bending or jumping.

High-Fiber Foods While fiber is important for overall health, consuming high-fiber foods before a workout can lead to bloating, gas, or stomach cramps.

Large Meals  Eating a large meal right before exercising can make you feel sluggish and may cause stomach upset.

Carbonated Drinks Beverages like soda or carbonated water can cause bloating and gas, which can be uncomfortable during exercise.

High-Sugar Foods Foods high in sugar can cause a quick spike in energy followed by a crash, which is not ideal for sustained exercise performance.

Alcohol Alcohol can dehydrate you and impair your coordination and judgment, making it unsafe to consume before a workout.