Footballers With Most Expensive Houses

Cristiano Ronaldo Madrid mansion worth $7.1 million, boasting a gym, pool, and cinema room.

Lionel Messi $5 million mansion in Castelldefels, Spain, complete with a football pitch and indoor pool.

David Beckham London mansion valued at $31 million, featuring a gym, recording studio, and underground tunnel.

Neymar Jr. $8 million mansion in Rio de Janeiro, featuring a helipad, tennis court, and party area.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Malibu mansion worth $32 million, including a private beach and infinity pool.

Gareth Bale Luxurious $7 million mansion in Wales, featuring a golf course, gym, and cinema.

Wayne Rooney Cheshire mansion valued at $20 million, with a football pitch, swimming pool, and spa.

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