Healthy Snack Options for People with diabetes

Yogurt with Berries

For a tasty and healthy snack that does not have much extra sugar, choose plain Greek yogurt and top it with fresh berries.

Nuts and Seeds Mix

Mix raw almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds to make a crunchy food full of protein and healthy fats.

Cheese & Whole Grain Crackers

Cheese and whole grain crackers are a great way to get a filling mix of protein and complex carbs.

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Hard-Boiled Eggs

These are a quick and easy lunch that are full of protein and nutrients without any extra sugar.

Homemade Trail Mix

Mix raw nuts, seeds, and a few dark chocolate chunks to make your own trail mix for a crunchy, delicious snack.

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Air-Popped Popcorn

Choose air-popped popcorn over popcorn with oil or butter to reduce its calorie content and improve its nutritional value.

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