How to hold chopsticks with the left hand?

Hold the First Chopstick: – Place the first chopstick between the base of your thumb and the side of your ring finger. – Rest the narrow end on the tip of your ring finger, allowing it to extend just a bit beyond the fingertip

Support with the Index and Middle Fingers: – Use your index and middle fingers to support the first chopstick. Rest the narrow end on the lower side of your index finger and the top side of your middle finger.

Hold the Second Chopstick: – Place the second chopstick between the tips of your index and middle fingers. – Keep the second chopstick steady by using the tip of your thumb to press it against the first chopstick.

Adjust the Position: – Adjust the position of the chopsticks by moving your fingers. The first chopstick should remain relatively stationary, while the second chopstick moves to pick up food.

Practice Coordination: – Practice opening and closing the chopsticks by moving your index and middle fingers. This helps in gaining control and coordination.

Pinch and Grip: – When picking up food, use the tips of the chopsticks to pinch it. The motion should be controlled by the index and middle fingers, with the thumb providing support.

Practice Patience: – Holding chopsticks with the left hand may feel awkward at first, especially if you are not left-handed. Practice regularly to improve your dexterity.