“I have to be scrupulously honest,” Dame Sheila Hancock says

The 90-year-old British actor, singer, and writer Dame Sheila Hancock recently spoke of her freedom to speak without being "cancelled". In a BBC interview with Amol Rajan, she declared, "If I say something ridiculous and get cancelled, I'll die anyhow. 

 I feel 'oh dear, I don't care, because I'm going'". She also discussed theater school, when her working-class accent was criticized.

In 2021, Dame Sheila became one of Britain's most esteemed performers for her play and charitable work. She appeared in many movies, TV series, and plays over her 70-year career.

"Entertaining Mr Sloane," "Annie," "Sweeney Todd," and "Cabaret" are her major works. She wrote numerous novels, including "The Two of Us" autobiographical.

Many have been inspired by Dame Sheila's honesty and openness. She has spoken up about mental health and her sadness. She has also supported various charities, notably the Royal Theatrical Fund, which helps entertainment industry workers.

In conclusion, Dame Sheila Hancock has made significant contributions to the entertainment business and society. Honor, integrity, and dedication to her art make her a modern icon. We wish her good health and success in the future.