Jennifer Aniston's Secretive Dating Move Amid Escalating Loneliness Speculations

Jennifer Aniston has made a "secret online dating profile" to help her find the love of her life. The actress has been single since her split from Justin Theroux more than six years ago.

"People don't come up to people anymore" is something Aniston has said in the past about online dating apps. However, after a string of dates that didn't work out, the actress has chosen to make her own dating page in the hopes of finding the right person.

Someone close to the actress who said, "There have been a lot of lonely nights" for Aniston because she has been having a hard time being single.

The person also said that the actress hasn't had a good date since her breakup with Theroux, which is why she made a secret online dating page to see what happens.

The source did say, though, that the experience "wasn't successful either and just confirmed she didn't like it."

Aniston has not given up on finding love, even though she has had a lot of trouble with online dating.

After saying she would "like to tie the knot" someday, the star now says she will only do so if she finds the right person. She has also said that some of the things she looks for in a partner are chemistry, humour, and kindness.