Mistakes to avoid at sushi restaurants

Using Too Much Soy Sauce: To enjoy the delicate flavours of the sushi, don't use too much soy sauce. Putting too much soy sauce on sushi can make it taste bad.

Mixing Wasabi into Soy Sauce:  Real sushi is already seasoned, so don't add wasabi to soy sauce. Put a little soy sauce on one side of the fish instead

Not Trying Pickled Ginger Between Bites:  Pickled ginger cleans the tongue. It will refresh your taste buds if you eat it between different kinds of sushi.

Ordering Cooked Rolls Exclusively:  sushi is an art form, and raw fish is a big part of it. Don't be afraid to try different kinds of sushi, even ones with raw fish.

Using Chopsticks Incorrectly:  It's rude to rub or tap your chopsticks together. Instead, use them the right way by using the points to pick up sushi.

Dunking Rice in Soy Sauce:   Do not put soy sauce on the rice. Instead, put it on the fish. If you dip the sushi in rice, it might fall apart.

Overordering:  Sushi should only be eaten in small amounts. If you order too much, you might waste food and ruin the experience of eating.

Ignoring Seasonal Specials:  Look for seasonal deals or the chef's suggestions. These recipes often feature the freshest and most unusual items.