Most Toughest Languages To Speak in This World

Polish Has a complex grammar system with cases and verb aspect. It's also difficult to pronounce and has sounds not found in other languages.

Icelandic Has complex grammar and an archaic vocabulary. The biggest challenges are pronunciation and conjugations.

Vietnamese Has a tonal system that's important for understanding and speaking the language.

Turkish The US State Department says Turkish is difficult for English speakers to learn because of the cultural and linguistic differences between the two languages.

Navajo Has sounds that are uncommon to many other languages. It also uses code words that are difficult for native speakers to understand.

Cantonese Considered one of the world's toughest languages for native English speakers. It's difficult to learn because it requires mastering tones

Greek According to scientific data and linguists, Greek is the second most difficult language in the world because of its grammar.

Basque An isolated language because it doesn't belong to the Indo-European languages. It's also difficult to learn because it's spoken by very few people.

Persian Has a difficult writing style. It has four additional letters added to the Arabic script and may be difficult to write from left to right.

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