Netflix app is incompatible with Vision Pro

Netflix says it won't make an Apple Vision Pro app. A popular streaming provider won't let its iPad app run on Vision Pro.

Users may view Netflix on the Vision Pro using Safari, although without full resolution or download support. Netflix is a popular streaming service; therefore, this is a huge downside for the gadget.

Netflix viewers on the Vision Pro must utilize a web-based interface due to the lack of a native app. Since iPad and iPhone users may watch downloaded videos offline, this is not ideal.

It's unclear what resolution would be possible, as most browsers restrict Netflix streams to 720p. It wouldn't look well on a 100-foot virtual screen.

Netflix could have supported VisionOS directly in two ways. Like Disney+, the corporation might have created a mixed-reality app with VisionOS features. Or it might have optimized its iPad app for visionOS.

While not simple, Netflix's development resources make the latter easier, so it's hard not to perceive this as a purposeful snub. Netflix has previously refused Apple's new initiatives.

Apple's helpful TV app for Apple TV and iPhone combines your watching habits and gives suggestions that connect to streaming applications, but Netflix remains the biggest missing service. Netflix and Apple battle in streaming.

Their restricted theatrical releases and vigorous promotions have earned them honors for their unique films. It is unclear if Netflix's leadership is motivated by their restricted theatrical releases and vigorous promotions.

Netflix is the only big streaming service without VisionOS applications when the tablet comes in early February. Disney+, Peacock, Max, and Amazon Prime Video will. While not a deal-breaker for everyone,

the exclusion gets to the heart of Apple's advertising about Vision Pro's value proposition: replacing an iPad and a high-end TV for $3,499 may be worth it. If one of the most popular streaming services performs poorly on it, it weakens the pitch of that high-end TV.