Nutritionists' Top Nighttime Craving Foods

Banana Bliss

When dietitians talk about midnight cravings, the common banana usually gets all the attention.

Nuts for Nuts

There is a solid rationale for nutritionists' obsession with nuts. For a crunchy snack packed with protein, healthy fats, and minerals, try almonds, walnuts, or pistachios.

Yoghurt Dreams

Yogurt is a popular choice among nutritionists. The bacteria in yogurt aid digestion, and the protein makes it a good hunger suppressant.

Popcorn Pizzazz

The air-popped, whole-grain kind is more popular among dietitians than the buttery movie popcorn.

Avocado Allure

Lovers of avocados, take heart! Nutritionists love avocados for their creamy texture and nutrient-rich profile.

Berry Bliss

According to nutritionists, berries could be a good option if your midnight cravings are more on the sugary side.

Dark Chocolate Delight

You read correctly—some chocolate is acceptable. Nutritionists choose dark chocolate for its higher cocoa content and lower sugar.

Hummus Harmony

If you're looking for a healthy option to satisfy your savory needs, hummus is a great pick.