Palm Plants To Grow At Home

Parlor Palm This palm is one of the most popular indoor palms due to its adaptability to low light conditions and its compact size.

Areca Palm  Known for its graceful, feathery fronds, the Areca Palm adds a tropical feel to any room. It prefers bright, indirect light.

Kentia Palm With its slender trunk and arching, dark green fronds, the Kentia Palm is a classic choice for indoor spaces. It tolerates low light and neglect well.

Pygmy Date Palm This compact palm is ideal for smaller spaces. It requires bright, indirect light and regular watering.

Lady Palm The Lady Palm has fan-shaped leaves and multiple stems, giving it a lush appearance. It can tolerate lower light conditions and prefers evenly moist soil.

Majesty Palm Majestic in appearance, this palm features long, graceful fronds. It prefers bright, indirect light and consistently moist soil. up of bacteria, oil, and dirt that can transfer to your skin while you sleep.

Sago Palm Despite its name, the Sago Palm is not a true palm but a cycad. It has a unique appearance with stiff, feather-like fronds. It requires bright, indirect light and well-draining soil.

Chinese Fan Palm This palm has large, fan-shaped leaves and a slender trunk. It adapts well to indoor conditions and prefers bright, indirect light.