Patriots revealed a contractual ‘succession plan’ with Jerod Mayo

A story from NFL Media says that the New England Patriots have a mutually agreed upon "succession" plan with Jerod Mayo. As of now, Mayo is the Patriots' linebackers coach. 

He is seen as a "strong candidate" to become head coach in 2024. Mayo's current deal with the Patriots allegedly spells out the succession plan. 

This means that the team might be able to hire him without going through the NFL's long hiring process.

Mayo is 37 years old and played for the Patriots from 2008 to 2015. He was named to the Pro Bowl twice. He became a coach for the Patriots in 2019 and has been their linebackers coach ever since.

Many people think that Mayo is one of the best young coaches in the NFL, and he has been tied to a number of head coaching openings in the past few years.

If Mayo does become the Patriots' next head coach, he will have a lot of work to do. Bill Belichick recently left the Patriots after 24 years of service. During his time with the team, they won six Super Bowls.

 Belichick's services to the NFL will be remembered for years to come, and he will always be a part of NFL history.