Popular Drinks Bartenders Cant Stand

Long Island Iced Tea This complex cocktail contains multiple liquors and mixers, making it time-consuming to prepare during busy shifts.

Blended Margaritas Blending drinks can be noisy and time-consuming, especially when there's a long line of orders at the bar.

Mojitos Muddling fresh mint leaves and mixing the ingredients precisely can slow down service during peak hours.

Pina Coladas Like blended margaritas, the process of blending ingredients can be cumbersome, especially when dealing with multiple orders.

Irish Car Bombs Some bartenders may dislike serving this drink due to its controversial name and associations with binge drinking.

Jägerbombs Mixing energy drinks with alcohol can lead to overconsumption and disruptive behavior, which some bartenders prefer to avoid.

Screaming Orgasm This cocktail's name can make it awkward to order, especially in more formal settings, and some bartenders may feel uncomfortable serving it.

Red Bull and Vodka Similar to Jägerbombs, mixing energy drinks with alcohol can be concerning for some bartenders due to potential health risks and overconsumption.