Practices That May Decrease the Risk of Depression

Morning Serenity Greet the sun with a smile when you wake up and set a good mood for the day. To feel more at peace, make mindfulness a part of your morning habit.

The Power of Movement Dance, jog, or just walk around. Getting some exercise releases hormones, which are chemicals that can make you feel better.

Nutritional Harmony Give your body fuel by eating foods that are high in nutrients. A healthy, well-balanced food can improve your happiness and mental health as a whole.

Screen Time Intermission Look away from screens every so often. Do something that doesn't involve electronics to take a break and clear your mind.

Social Symphony Make relationships that matter. Spending time with friends and family builds a support system that can help you through hard times.

Creative Escapade Use your imagination to talk. Getting creative, like drawing, writing, or playing an instrument, can help you feel better and heal.

Mindful Meditation Trust the power of being still. Regular meditation can help clear your thoughts, lower your stress, and make you feel better overall.