Relationship Red Flags You Should not Ignore

Absence of Communication:  Continued misunderstandings or the avoidance of talks may be an indication of more serious problems.

Controlling Behavior or Disrespectful Behavior:  Any sort of manipulative or controlling behavior is a red flag that should be taken seriously.

Emotional or Physical Abuse:  No relationship should accept abuse, regardless of whether it is emotional or physical.

Trust Issues: Consistent  dishonesty or secretive behavior erodes trust and can signal deeper problems.

Unwillingness to Compromise:  Relationships depend on mutual compromise; an unwillingness to do so can lead to conflict among the parties involved.

Isolation from Supportive Networks:  It is possible that encouraging someone to isolate themselves from their family and friends is an indication of manipulation.

Lack of Support or Respect for Boundaries:  Disregarding boundaries or unsupportive behavior is concerning.