Shoaib Malik’s Net Worth

In recent times, Shoaib Malik, a Pakistani cricketer, has been making headlines due to the fact that he is currently in his third marriage to Sana Javed, a Pakistani actor. An accomplished cricket player, Malik has been a member of the Pakistani cricket team since 1999

He has enjoyed a prosperous career in the sport. Over the course of his career, he has participated in more than 400 international matches and managed to score more than 11,000 runs.

he estimated amount of Malik's net worth is around $25 million, which is equivalent to 145 crore Indian Rupee. 

Not only does Malik get money from his cricketing career, but he also makes money from commercial sponsorships.

A report says Mirza had earned an amazing amount of more than 57 crore rupees in prize money from the WTA Tour.

It is remarkable that Sania Mirza's net worth reached an astounding 207 crore rupees during the fiscal year 2022.

This significant income is the result of a combination of her prize money winnings and the endorsement deals that she has signed with various companies.