Signs You’re Falling Out of Love With Your Partner

Lack of Excitement You find yourself feeling indifferent towards spending time together, and activities that once thrilled you now seem mundane.

Communication Breakdown Conversations become superficial or decrease in frequency, and you struggle to connect on a deeper level.

Emotional Distance 3. You feel a growing gap between you and your partner, with intimacy and emotional connection diminishing over time.

Irritation and Resentment 4. Small annoyances escalate into major sources of frustration, and you may harbor resentment towards your partner.

Loss of Interest 5. Hobbies and interests that you once shared no longer hold your attention, and you find yourself seeking fulfillment elsewhere.

Lack of Support Your partner's achievements or struggles fail to evoke a supportive response from you, and you feel disconnected from their journey.

Fantasizing About Being Single You often daydream about life without your partner, imagining freedom and happiness in solitude.

Avoidance of Conflict Rather than addressing issues head-on, you prefer to avoid confrontation altogether, leading to unresolved tensions.