Sleepy Polar Bear Portrait Wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award

In Norway's Svalbard, a polar bear carves an ice bed from a small iceberg, captured by Nima Sarikhani for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Shared Parenting: A pair of lionesses devotedly groom one of the pride’s five cubs in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Image Courtesy: Mark Boyd/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

In Israel’s Jezreel Valley, a Balkan pond turtle and a northern banded groundling dragonfly share a serene moment of coexistence, captured by Tzahi Finkelstein for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

In Tromsø, northern Norway, moon jellyfish swarm in autumnal fjord waters under the aurora borealis glow, captured by Audun Rikardsen for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Tough Negotiation  Ayala Fishaimer

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