Specialty Foods Once Common in America  

Pemmican A Native American staple, pemmican is a mixture of dried meat, fat, and berries. It provided a high-energy, compact source of nutrition and was commonly used by explorers and fur traders.

Sorghum Molasses Before the widespread use of refined sugar, sorghum molasses was a popular sweetener. It is derived from the juice of the sorghum plant

Rhubarb Pie Rhubarb was once a common ingredient in American desserts. Its tart flavor made it a popular choice for pies and jams.

Horehound Candy Made from the horehound plant, this candy was believed to have medicinal properties, especially for respiratory issues.

Salt Rising Bread A type of bread leavened without yeast, salt rising bread was a staple in early American households.

Persimmons Native American varieties of persimmons were widely consumed. Some traditional recipes include persimmon pudding and jams.

Game Meat Wild game like venison, rabbit, and squirrel were once more commonly consumed. These meats were leaner and often considered a sustainable food

Molasses Cookies Molasses was a common sweetener, and molasses cookies were a popular treat. These cookies have a rich, robust flavor.