The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in February

Orion and the Dark Now streaming Charlie Kaufman, known for complex films like "Synecdoche, New York," surprises with an animated kids’ movie, adapted from Emma Yarlett's book. Jacob Tremblay voices Orion, facing his fear of darkness. Colin Hanks narrates as an older Orion, adding adult undertones to this family-friendly adventure.

One Day Starts streaming: Feb. 8 A romantic miniseries based on David Nicholls' novel, "One Day," follows Leo and Ambika over 20 years since their awkward date in 1988. Despite staying in touch, they struggle to become a couple as their lives diverge.

Players Starts streaming: Feb. 14 In the rom-com "Players," Gina Rodriguez stars as Mack, a savvy NYC sportswriter who, with her friend Adam, masters the art of bar "plays" to woo. But when she meets Nick, a respected journalist, Mack finds herself reconsidering her casual approach to love.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 Starts streaming: Feb. 22 Fans await the live-action "Avatar" series after the failed movie adaptation. Overseen by Albert Kim, it's set in a world divided into four elemental kingdoms. The title character, Aang (Gordon Cormier), holds the key to restoring balance despite his youth and occasional clumsiness.

The Tourist  Season 2 Starts streaming: Feb. 29 In "The Tourist," Elliot, an Irish traveler in rural Australia, suffers amnesia after a truck incident. With help from cop Helen, he unravels his past and faces threats. Season 2 takes them to Ireland, delving deeper into Elliot's history amid dark twists and humor.

Also arriving:  Feb. 9 “Ashes” “A Killer Paradox” Season 1 “Lover, Stalker, Killer” Feb. 13 “Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All”

Feb. 13 “Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All” Feb. 14 “Good Morning, Verônica” Season 3 “Love Is Blind” Season 6

Eggs Feb. 15 “The Vince Staples Show” Season 1