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Quirk advocates for the elimination of the train in San Diego County, citing data from SANDAG and the NCTD indicating a consistent decline in ridership over the last few years.

He is the only member of the council to oppose both the San Diego rail line and the underground train tunnel. For years, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has deliberated on the conversion of a segment of the rail tracks into a tunnel;

this undertaking is among the most eagerly awaited by the organisation in recent decades. However, it appears that Quirk's viewpoint contradicts the majority.

Construction of the tunnel would take place at least one mile inland and several hundred feet below the tracks' current, perilous location. The estimated expense of the endeavour is $4 billion.

His stance has placed Quirk in conflict with a number of residents and transport agency officials and rendered him something of an outlier on the council.

The Del Mar City Council censured Quirk last month on the grounds that he misrepresented himself and not the city when he made statements to other agencies and the media regarding the tunnel and train.