The most beautiful carnivals and Mardi Gras in the world

An ancient tradition February: Carnivals worldwide precede Lent, possibly celebrating longer days' return, hinting at ancient origins beyond Christian tradition.

More alive than ever From Europe to the Americas, the carnival tradition is more alive than ever. Some cities put on magnificent shows. Let's have a look!

New Orleans (United States) Experience Louisiana's vibrant Mardi Gras: colorful costumes, lively parades, and joyful traditions like candy tossing create a unique NoLa carnival vibe.

Venice (Italy) The Venice Carnival, organized for 10-day periods since the Middle Ages, features luxurious costumes with masks, feathers, colors, and elegant designs, inspiring artists worldwide.

Rio de janeiro (Brazil) Samba school parades at Rio's Sambódromo and vibrant carnivals in São Paulo and Manaus offer colorful spectacles of joy.

Quebec (Canada) French Canadian city hosts winter carnival: canoe & sled dog races, ice sculpture comp. Bonhomme, a snowman, steals the show in red cap.

Oruro (Bolivia) The Carnival of Oruro in Bolivia is the country's pivotal event, drawing 200,000 attendees yearly to a usually non-touristy locale for dances, parades, and festivities.

Trinidad and Tobago On this small island in the Antilles, the carnival is celebrated with costume parades and street dances in which everyone can participate, all accompanied by percussion orchestras.

Ivrea (Italy) Ivrea's carnival, in Piedmont, features a unique orange battle among city neighborhoods, using 400 tons of fruit, overshadowed by Venice's fame.

Salvador Bahia (Brazil) With millions of participants, the Bahian carnival is totally different from Rio or São Paulo. The party is animated by electric bands that pull the crowd through the streets of Salvador. Absolute ecstasy!