The ultimate guide to DIY hair care for all hair types

For Dry Hair:: Coconut Oil Treatment: Focus on the ends of your hair when you apply warm coconut oil to it to deeply moisturize and repair broken strands.

For Oily Hair: Aloe Vera Hair Mask: Combine a few drops of tea tree oil with aloe vera juice to make a mask that removes oil from the hair and relieves irritation.

For Normal Hair: Egg Mask: Beat an egg and put it on your hair for a protein-rich treatment that makes normal hair stronger and shiner.

For Damaged or Frizzy Hair: Banana and Honey Mask: Mix honey, coconut oil, and bananas to make a mask that heals hair and tames frizz.

For Fine or Thin Hair: Rice Water clean: To make fine hair stronger and smoother, use fermented rice water as a clean.

Natural DIY treatments for diverse hair types nourish, mend, and improve hair for healthier, more vivid hair. Patch-test new treatments and adjust as needed for individual preferences and sensitivities.