This North American country is the best place for tourists to visit

In 2024, Canada has been designated as the most secure nation for tourists. The research utilized a poll of 1,702 individuals on their personal travel encounters in various nations. 

Additionally, it incorporated information from other sources that assess safety problems, including terrorism, weather events, health measures, and the well-being of marginalized communities. 

This encompassed the Global Peace Index and the travel safety ratings provided by the State Department. 

Canada's high position is due to its low incidence of violent crime and stringent firearms regulations. The nation is renowned for its exceptional quality of life and enduring political stability. 

Canada was rated sixth on the list last year. Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, and the Netherlands are among the nations that achieved a position in the top five.

What a safe location means has changed over time. People now tend to travel to places they think are safe and where they can move around easily without being stopped or harassed. 

But that doesn't mean the whole country is safe, and it doesn't take into account the chance of nature tragedies.  Safe travel is becoming increasingly important as more individuals conduct alone journeys.