Tom Cruise's New Deal: The Truth About It

Tom Cruise will create and produce theatrically distributed original and franchise films with Warner Bros. Discovery. Cruise is set to star in all films made under the pact . 

Cruise had made five of his seven films with Paramount Pictures, including the Mission: Impossible trilogy, before the revelation. 

However, insiders indicate Cruise was unhappy with Paramount's treatment of him on several matters, including Top Gun: Maverick's 45-day theatrical run.

Cruise is one of Hollywood's most lucrative performers, so his new agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery is big. To compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros. 

Discovery is expanding its content offerings, and the agreement represents a huge coup.

Cruise is slated to create and produce a variety of Warner Bros. Discovery projects during a multi-year partnership. The arrangement should encompass original and franchise films. 

Given Cruise's track record, the new arrangement is expected to create action-packed blockbusters that appeal to a wide audience. Cruise's passion to his profession and willingness to execute stunts have made Mission: Impossible one of the most popular action franchises.