Top 8 Morning Foods for Faster Metabolism


When eaten on a daily basis, oatmeal has several positive effects on health. 


Boston University's health publication claims that berries are "among the healthiest foods you can eat.


Eggs and other protein-rich foods take longer to digest, so you could feel like you need to burn more calories right after you eat them.

Greek yogurt

You won't have to worry about making unhealthy snacking choices later on because Greek yogurt makes you feel full for longer.

Chia seeds

The next thing Nanavati says is to eat chia seeds for breakfast. She says they go well with yogurt, porridge, and smoothies.


One way to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is to eat a handful of almonds daily. 

Herbs and spices

To speed up your metabolism, try seasoning your breakfast with some herbs and spices.

Green tea

Research indicates that green tea can enhance heart health, aid in cancer prevention, combat inflammation, and more, among its many main health advantages.