Top-Priced Cat Breeds

Savannah:  Because it comes from a line of serval cats, this breed is known for looking wild. Savannahs can cost several thousand dollars, with older cats being more expensive.

Ashera:  This is one of the most pricey cat breeds. It is a cross between an African serval, an Asian leopard cat, and a domestic cat.

Bengal Bengals, which look like small cats, can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a lot of money, based on their breed and markings.

Sphynx The hairless Sphynx breed can be very expensive because of how they look and the special care they need, that can cost several thousand dollars.

Peterbald Like the Sphynx, the Peterbald is a hairless breed that is known for having a beautiful look and can also cost more.

Russian Blue:  The beautiful blue-gray coat of these friendly and stylish cats makes them very expensive compared to some other breeds.

British Shorthair:  These pedigreed cats have a soft coat and a round face. They can be more expensive than other household kinds.

Persian Because of their long, soft fur and flat faces, Persian cats can be more expensive than some other kinds.

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