Toxic Relationship Test

How to identify if you are in a toxic relationship?

What is a toxic relationship? Toxic relationships are characterized by causing mental or physical harm to one or both individuals involved. One can identify toxic relationships by their tendency to control, abuse, or manipulate others

Signs of a toxic relationship Some common signs of a toxic relationship include jealousy, possessiveness, controlling behavior, and verbal or physical abuse.

Toxic Relationship Quiz Take this quiz to find out if you are in a toxic relationship

Question 1 Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells around your partner?

Question 2 Does your partner try to control who you see or what you do?

Question 3 Does your partner make you feel guilty or ashamed?

Quiz Results Based on your answers, you may be in a toxic relationship. It’s important to seek help and support if you are experiencing abuse or manipulation in your relationship.