Unveiling the Top 7 Priciest Dog Breeds: Ready for the Costs?in New Orleans

Tibetan Mastiff

Because they are so big and hard to find, Tibetan Mastiffs can be expensive, especially if they are well-bred and have a bloodline.

Chow Chow

The thick coat of these fluffy canines may make their grooming expenses skyrocket. Plus, they may be sick, which would mean more money for the vet.


Although they may need frequent grooming, Samoyeds are worth the extra expense due to their beautiful white coat and amiable nature.

English Bulldog

Because of their high propensity for health problems, including skin problems and respiratory disorders, Bulldogs might cost a pretty penny regarding veterinary bills.

French Bulldog

Like other breeds, French Bulldogs might experience health concerns like respiratory disorders, which can result in higher medical expenses.


 Rottweilers may have more extensive care requirements and training requirements, which can drive up their costs.

Irish Wolfhound

 Due to their large size, Irish Wolfhounds may incur higher food prices and substantial medical bills.

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