What Makes Amy Robach Drink Despite Breast Cancer Risk: ‘I Always Drink to Enhance Joy’

The iHeartRadio show 'Amy and T.J.' recently featured breast cancer survivor Amy Robach discussing her relationship with alcohol. She consumes alcohol despite the danger of breast cancer recurrence.

Robach had a double mastectomy and eight rounds of chemotherapy for Stage II breast cancer in 2013. Her last therapy ended in April 2014.

Robach discussed how breast cancer has altered her relationship with drinking on the podcast. Drinking is her favorite pastime, she said. She also admitted that drinking boosts estrogen, which may enhance breast cancer recurrence.

Her physicians recommended her to cut back on booze after her diagnosis. Robach stated she constantly drinks to be happy and laughs. She advised her supporters to drink less and be cautious.

Robach's tale emphasizes the significance of alcohol moderation, especially for breast cancer patients. Although there is no scientific proof, most doctors assume drinking elevates estrogen levels,

 which may promote breast cancer recurrence. Robach's tale is a personal account of breast cancer with drinking, not a scientific research.

Amy Robach's experience reminds breast cancer survivors to drink responsibly. Enjoying life is vital, but so is being healthy. A better lifestyle might start with reducing alcohol consumption.