What to avoid After a Workout

Sugary Snares

Do not fall into the trap of reaching for sugary drinks and food when you feel your energy dipping.

Processed Predicaments

Stay away from processed foods; these meals have been through a lot of changes before they reach your plate.

Excessive fat overload

Although healthy fats are essential, it might not be wise to eat a lot of fat right after a workout.

Skipping the refuel

Do not do this. Putting off or not eating your post-workout meal is extremely unhealthy.

Overlooking Hydration

One typical mistake people make is not drinking enough water after exercising.

Alcohol Ambush

Despite how good those celebratory cocktails seem, drinking them will only make your recovery more difficult.


Your post-workout decision-making has the power to either advance you closer to your fitness objectives or impede your progress.

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