You Can Now Use UPI In These Countries   

Nepal Embracing digital payments, Nepal now accepts UPI, enabling seamless transactions for tourists and locals alike, fostering economic growth.

Bhutan UPI integration in Bhutan facilitates convenient cross-border transactions, enhancing trade relations and promoting financial inclusivity in the region.

Singapore Expanding its payment ecosystem, Singapore adopts UPI, offering travelers and residents a familiar and efficient way to conduct transactions effortlessly.

UAE With UPI now available in the UAE, residents and visitors experience enhanced convenience and security in their financial transactions, furthering the nation's digitalization efforts.

Malaysia  UPI integration in Malaysia streamlines payment processes, fostering a more connected and efficient financial landscape, benefitting both locals and international visitors.

Australia Aussies and tourists alike can now utilize UPI in Australia, simplifying transactions and promoting a cashless economy, aligning with the country's technological advancements.

Canada UPI's introduction in Canada marks a significant step towards modernizing its payment infrastructure, offering residents and visitors a seamless and secure way to manage their finances.

UK Embracing UPI, the UK enhances its payment ecosystem, providing residents and tourists with a convenient and reliable method for financial transactions, advancing its digital economy.